Happiness is not like a college degree

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Happiness is a daily decision of choosing thoughts that make us FEEL Excellent instant by moment. A day by day minute by moment decision to maintain thoughts that make us FEEL GOOD is how Happiness is maintained.

All of us know people, who were happy and subsequently got out of alignment with themselves and grew to become distressed and sad. I am confident you have met people who are currently distressed and unhappy, who were once in a condition of happiness. And possibly the opposite is true too, each and every one of us know individuals who were unhappy and then found their way back into happiness. And I am sure you have met individuals who are now happy, who were once distressed and unhappy.

Emotions are a part of each thought we have. Every thought we tend to think has an emotional part to it.

For example, if we think to ourselves “I am a wonderful person,” this is a thought that feels excellent and brings us some happiness, meaning it is the truth of us. For example, the thought “I am intelligent” is a optimistic thought and is the truth regarding us because we can feel its truth in the fact that we feel good.

And if we think “I am an awful individual, this thinking does not feel good and therefore this is our guidance system saying “this thought is not in alignment with my higher self or happiness.” Also, the thought, “I will never be good at this” is untrue and how we identify this is it does not feel good, feeling bad is our inner guidance telling us the thought we are having right now, does not feel good.

Our higher selves, always sees us as intelligent and beautiful and worthy people, without exception. Without exception, we are intelligent, worthy, capable and caring being, that is how our higher selves see us.

Now, where we can get off track is to live surrounded by others, who do not see us this way, they might see us as needing their wisdom, instead of knowing we have our own wisdom. If we are around other people who do not see us this way, we can get off track and think that they are correct in seeing us as “not enough” or “unwise.”

Even a baby understands what is good for them and what is not. Each person is aware of what is good for themselves or not, even a little baby.

Every one of us has an inner guidance system that gives us clues to what brings us happiness and what does not. They have a guidance system that is intact and lets us know moment by moment what will bring us happiness and what will not.

Imagine if we just allowed our kids to be who they really were, competent beings who were being guided by their own inner wisdom. Just picture if we permitted our kids to be led by their inner guidance instead of ours.

I believe happiness would be much more prevalent than it is currently if we realized how wise our children are. Our own inner wisdom guides us to who we really are, even as children.

Getting back to happiness can be tricky if we have been sad for a long time, as if we are stuck there. At times it seems like we can never be happy or get back to the happiness we once had.

It feels a bit like we are trapped and in need of medication or something. The truth of this is revealed in so many people being on anti-depressants for decades at times.

When something negative happens to us and we do not know how to deal with it internally, it literally gets stored in the body and begins to create distress. Our body stores negative events that we do not know how to deal with and it can create distress and disease.

This distress and disease tells us always that we have an inner issue to clear. This feeling of distress or dis-ease is an indicator to ourselves that some inner issue wants to be cleared.

The term that is used in my field of psychology is “negative cell memory. “Old stored negative cellular memory” is the expression used in the field of health and wellness.

Each cell has memory and “positive emotion” is who we really are but when we have “negative emotional events stored” it goes contrary to our true nature. Our body is filled with memory in every cell and if they are good memories/events then there is no problem because that is our normal state.

Disease and distress is caused by these old negative cell memories.

I have been educating people a method that can move you more and more into the happiness and splendor that you are. The method that I stumbled upon that brings each of us back into our rightful nature of joy, love and happiness was a dramatic move for me when I discovered it because, at that time, I was in a state of depression that I could not get out of.

It helps one release old events and beliefs that are holding you back from your authentic selves. This method releases the old stored negative memories, which then enables the happiness to shine though.

It is the fastest, easiest and more successful way that I know of to move back into joy and happiness. Moving back into joy, love and happiness can be successful, fast and easy with this method.

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